Tuesday, December 30, 2008

After Christmas, Before The New Year

I just blew the dust off this blog, and it's all over my computer!

I can't believe I haven't written since Thanksgiving, but that's the kind of nuts I got this holiday season.  Between Randoradio shows and family (I am the designated celebrator), I have been hopping.  My organist/choirmaster husband is born in December, just before Christmas.  And in one of my other lives, I sing in his church choir. 

Music has been committed.  Choral music.

And I got Ken a theremin for his birthday.  Clara Rockmore DVD  perfomances and audio recordings have been a part of our life since.  Tom Jones (Rando's Logovore) also received a theremin for Christmas.  It's going to be sounding like Halloween ALL THE TIME at our house in the New Year--that is, when Ken's not practicing hymns on his home pipe organ.  Tom played some Clara on his show this week, and I guess I should, too. 

Christmas Day itself at our house was better than it's been in years.  My family has a talent for having Awful Things happen on Christmas.  Flu mini-epidemics.  My mom had a cardiac incident on Christmas Eve a couple of years ago, before she had her Dick Cheney special defib/pacemaker installed.  My parents are feisty folks in their late eighties and the feist sometimes gets a little into misery territory--at least for me.

 Ken is a Christmas tree fanatic, so on recent Christmases, I've oft found myself looking at a simply glorious tree filled with vintage ornaments and light through a haze of worried or hurt tears.  Not so this year.  Folks remained healthy--my sis has a cold, but for us, that's nada--the prime rib was very good, thanks, and the Yorkshire pudding puffed nicely.  My folks did not talk politics, or shout at each other or us.  I forgot to put out Christmas crackers (we do the Brit traditions in our house), but I was rewarded by not having to sweep up the confetti from the same.  Presents were well-received by "blood" family and my darling godchildren alike.

Ken got me a bunch of jadite bowls.  OK, that sounds Martha Stewart-like, but I swear I was into them before she was.  For years, my friends have been saying, "If it's green, it goes to Christine".  And he got me  other cool stuff, too.  But for me, the biggest gift was the serenity and everyone healthy.

My goddaughter Blue, a Rando DJ herself, took THE WORST PICTURE OF ME ever taken, and promptly posted it on the 'net.  I'm not sayin' where.  I do NOT LOOK LIKE THAT, though.  I love her profoundly.  Listen to her show.  We'll be making more of them soon.

And now, we're almost at the New Year, and I have errands to do and a gym to visit today.  Or at least errands.  

And as I think about taking the tree and all the window candles down on Epiphany, I still have real happiness in my heart.  Randoradio is growing, thanks to you, dear listeners.  And in just a few weeks, my country will have a president that we can be proud of again.  Patriotism: what a thought!

I have no idea what kind of show I will be doing on Friday.  I'll be bringing my Dad up to the station to do a show, soon, though.  He wants to play Spike Jones.  Maybe when we get the New Mixer (our Christmas present to ourselves) in and the studio as it will be...as always, stay tuned.  Cocktails and music will reward you.

A Glad and Joyous New Year To ALL!!