Monday, May 4, 2009

Spring and a Rando-versary

How did all this dust get on this blog again?   I'm sneezing--safely--into my elbow-pit.  And ick.  Sorry, but sneezing into your elbow-pit is kinda gross...

 OK, OK! I digress.  Could it be that I haven't written here since February?

Yeah.   It could be.  It could be indeed. 

And so much has happened!  Swine flu--or as Rando DJ Tom Jones likes to call it, Hini (pronounced high-knee) flu--!  The stock market pointing (a bit shakily) in an upward direction!  Spring!  And the first year anniversary of!  

If we're talking about the viral spread of something, could we have it be Randoradio?  I mean, that would mean a Better World For Us All, I think.  

Why don't I just tell you about the GAGA arts festival and the Randoradio open studio stuff we did this weekend?  I did three (count 'em, three) shows in three days, more daily broadcasting than I have done since the 1970's.  That was cool on a purely ego-trip level, but  I was babbling by the end of it all...

The real heroine of the weekend was Blue, who charmed the crowds coming through our radio station, loaded programming onto the Randopods (which we've taken to calling Creatures, after her suggestion), and rocked an amazing show on Sunday afternoon, putting up some pretty nice numbers of streams running.  

It was rainy and cool, and there were a number of great moments, like the guy who used to play with The Left Bank who wandered in, and the guy who'd played with Pharaoh Saunders.  Folks materialized and became Randoradio members, just like that.  Plenty of people signed our email list.  And we watched the number of streams we were running climb during the weekend.  All in all, most gratifying.

I interviewed the marketing director of Me Oko vodka, which is made in the same arts complex where we have our studios.  His name is Jeff Cohen, and we talked for some time about the pleasant libation that is his business these days--an interesting quaff made of vodka infused with huge amounts of either strawberries or ginger.  The stuff is almost liqueur-sweet, but not quite.  It's not fake-y tasting, either; it simply tastes like strawberry or ginger.  Works well as a cocktail ingredient, and a little glass is also nice after dinner, with ice.   

Other artists in the GAGA complex put our station on their computers for their guests to listen to, and suddenly, we were a local station as much as we have been a world-wide one.  I closed my show on Sunday announcing a bathroom make-over raffle over a B-52's record.  Now, don't get me wrong--we LOVE it when the ice station in Antarctica listens to Rando, and when our servicefolk in Iraq tune us in, and some of them do.  But local buzz is just fun.

I'm listening to Tom, The Logovore, right now, and he's playing the Traffic cut I meant to get to on Saturday and didn't have time for.  So it's all good.

Happy Birthday To Us.

And time for me to finally read the Times Magazine that I never got to yesterday.