Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Juliet, My Fairy Goddaughter

My pal Nancy calls me the Fairy Godmother of her two daughters Juliet and Alyssum.  Alyssum's off in Italy this summer, almost all grown-up (junior year in high school come September!) but Jules is just going into 9th grade.  Which means I get to have her around for a while longer, and that's a good thing.

The daughter of two artists (a painter and a glass artist), Jules has also always loved music with a passion.  That and Japanese graphic arts of all descriptions.  Did I tell you she also gets more in the way of royalties for a poem she wrote back in grade school than I have ever gotten for a single poem in my whole life?  She does.  It got picked up as a reading comp question in one of those dreaded standardized tests; it originally ran in Stone Soup.  The kid's got talent.

And so she's taping a show with me today which will run in August in place of a Cocktails with Chris.  There have been noises made about Japanese rap.  I intend to play some of my usual tunes if I can get away with it.  Will Jules be into playing some of Lou's amazing Warner Brothers loss leaders?  The Shadow knows.

So stay tuned.

I'll be live on the air at my usual time this week: Friday 5 to 7, right after My Mid-life Crisis with Glenn.   I'm going to see Robyn Hitchcock at The Turning Point tonight, so I'll have my thoughts on that concert.  

See you real soon.  Why?  Because we LIKE you.

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