Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Cocktails with Chris--On the Road

No, I'm not being thrown from various moving vehicles--that would be Chuck the DJ (and would you look at him bounce!).  I am on the move--but here's the good news for you, dear listener: Cocktails with Chris is still minty-fresh.  All during July, I worked hard at creating new radio shows for August, so that no Cocktails fan would be left with a watery drink.

I say turn off that silly soundtrack for the Olympics on Friday the 8th and try watching TV with the radio on!  There's a delightful Cocktails with Chris waiting to stream that night.  And my special show with Juliet Quaglia, my link to what those crazy kids are listening to (for real--she's in 9th grade) is on the 15th.  Yet another new new new show awaits you the week after.  So Friday afternoon, 4 to 6, is still cocktail time!

I write these words from just outside Quebec City, having duly embarrassed myself with my high school French.  Folks tend to answer me in English. And I thought I sounded just like Julia Child saying "Bonjour!"  Merde. 

Last night, Ken and I stayed at The Mountain View Resort up at the tip of New Hampster--a venerable sprawl of a  place with sweeping views of the White Mountains and an elevator that needs an operator to run it.  For real--the thing's from the thirties, and its door has a grate and everything.  We had cocktails on the gorgeous front porch, watching the clouds gather over hills and hills and hills, all blue and green and amazing.  Even our bathroom had a view.  It was most swanky.  We played Scrabble in the game room after dinner.   Ken destroyed me.  I think there were a couple of tiles missing, tho'....and he got all the darned vowels. When we returned to our room, we discoved that had it been winter, we could have booked a dogsled ride. A dogsled ride turns out to be very expensive--but a king sized room at The Mountain Resort costs about what the Holiday Inn does.  The food's OK, not fab.  But the place is simply cool.  Recommended, if only for the Shining-esque long, long carpeted halls.  

Have  a listen to my show on Friday--I will :)!  And check this space for further adventures of a Rando DJ on the loose!

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