Saturday, February 27, 2010

Frozen Margarita Snowstorms

Cocktails with Chris is on at 4 PM on Saturday for the first time ever this week. That's because it has been snowing in the swanky neighborhood around the Potter building...and snowing and snowing and snowing...and snowing some more. It snowed from Wednesday night straight through to Friday night this week, and trees fell down and folks' electricity went off. Although we did keep our juice High Atop The Potter Building, it was recommended to us that it would be insane to send our dogsled out in the direction of the studio.

So the party's today, instead.

Today, we are saluting the kind of snow we usually get in our downstate New York vicinity: frozen margarita-like in texture, it fries snow-blowers and torques the lower backs of enough folks trying to shovel it to keep the local chiropractors in BMW's. So why not go with the flow?
Or the slush.

When I first met my husband, he was famed among his friends for a drink he made with blue curacoa that he called The Tidy Bowl Margarita because of its garish hue. It turned tongues turquoise and resembled a cocktail version of that odd disinfectant folks used to put in their toilets back in the 70's. His recipe was simple: equal parts tequila, blue curacoa, and lime juice. Whirl in a blender with lots of ice until it is the consistency of a Slurpee. Pour into a big silly glass, garnish with a slice or lime (or better yet, a paper umbrella), and suck through a thick straw. That worked, but this is better:

The Tidy-Bowl Margie, refined

3 oz tequila
2 oz lime
1 oz blue curacoa
about a cup of ice, preferably crushed

Whirl in a blender, serve the same way. Make sure you whirl LONG enough. You want a very fine consistency so it will go through the straw easily.

Slush outside? Slush inside!

See you on the air!


Ed said...

Interesting. After a day spent crawling in the innards of a certain recalcitrant organ, and thereafter tuning it with assistance from a certain organist of our mutual acquaintance, I was SO TOTALLY READY for a tequila delivery system.

Thereupon I used my internet device to transmit to me the most sublime and pure version of the regular margarita (1.5 Patron, 1 fresh lime juice, 0,5 Cointreau), shaken and served in a Reidel crystal martini glass.

Now I go assist Susan with the risotto.

chrispy said...

Those, of course, are the classic proportions, Ed--for a margie or any sour. Hope you enjoyed! Cheers!