Friday, November 6, 2009

The Answer to a Maiden's Prayer

When I looked out at our rapidly-withering November garden, all that was still alive was a little late leaf lettuce, the unkillable mint, a few heads of celery and a still-lush growth of nasturtiums. But anything we don't use tonight will be dead tomorrow: it'll be below freezing in this swanky neighborhood near you tonight, and I'm SICK of mojitoes, so I think I'll let that mint go. The nasturtiums, celery, and lettuce? Sounds like salad. And the drink? A Maiden's Prayer, garnished with one of those peppery blossoms.

Paul Harrington's recipe for Maiden's Prayers calls for equal parts silver rum, gin, Cointreau, and lemon juice. It's a better drink than it sounds--and its tawdry history is something I intend to reveal on my radio show this afternoon at 4 EST,

As I flashed through some headlines on my way to the blog today, it seemed like another Hard Day on the Planet--someone shooting up a high rise in Orlando, Florida after yesterday's hideous spasm of violence at Fort Hood. Horrifying. It's been a long time since I've been an official maiden, but my prayer is that we as a nation and a world could just Cut This Stuff Out. And maybe have a cocktail and listen to some good music instead.

Tune in to my show if you're around.


Anonymous said...

Caught the latter part of the show. Afro-Pop, Robyn, TMBG, Jimmy Smith. Awesome.

Susan and I meanwhile enjoyed a round of La Romas and I put a apple tart tatin (with Calvados) in the oven..

Have a great weekend!

chrispy said...

Gee whiz, Ed--

Not only can you fix glorious 19th century pipe organs, but you have superb taste in music!

You have a great weekend, too!