Friday, November 27, 2009

Christmas Radio Show

A quick couple of words:

Since Rando tends to rerun current shows, I thought that I'd make a tradition of my Christmas music Black Friday show. So, today: The Christmas Music Cocktails with Chris for Holiday '09!

Fish House Punch is the drink!

The Paul Harrington proportions (for about thirty servings)

36 oz dark rum
24 oz lemon juice
25 oz brandy
4 oz peach brandy
3/4 pound bar sugar (superfine, not confectioners)
40 oz water

...but this is open to some futzing with on strength and acid/sweet balance. Let your taste buds be your guide, either shake as a cocktail as needed or serve in a punch bowl, chilled and iced (in which case watch the water balance as it will get diluted, and be ready to refresh)

I'll chat more about it on the air today... at 4 PM EST!!


Ed said...

WIll be tuning in.

Here is today's offering:

chrispy said...

Love the way the pipes look!!

Can't wait till they get back to Scarborough!