Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Ham, Part II

Well, I said I would tell the whole story, and so I will.

I forgot how many times we changed the water while it was soaking, but we kept the ham (aka Meat Raisin, aka King Tut) wet for about 36 hours, and simmered it for maybe three and a half hours on Tuesday night, cooled it, and chilled it.

On Thanksgiving, I cut away the excess fat and the skin, and warmed reconstituted Tut covered tightly in foil in a very low oven for about an hour (I mean not even 200 degrees; I didn't want to dry it out). Then I removed the foil and glazed the ham. The glaze was something I winged that I really loved: dark brown sugar moistened with fig vinegar and seasoned with black pepper and ground cloves. I did score the ham lightly first in the traditional criss-cross pattern.

We served it just a bit above room temperature, along with the turkey and all the trad Thanksgiving trimmings. I made collards for the green veg, which was good with both meats.

Verdict from this Yankee girl: not bad, not bad at all. Yeah, it was majorly , majorly salty. But it was also really flavorful. I'll do a country ham again next year. But I might not be ready for the journey until then!

Listening to the after-show Treavor Hastings is doing on Rando right now. Gotta ask him how his turkey came out! He brought some kick-ass pumpkin cranberry bread to our house on Thursday!

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